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Pre- Kristallnacht 1

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Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass occured on the evening of November 9th through November 10th.

Kristallnacht was not a random isolated event. There were many factors that lead up to that disastrous night.


Events 1938 that lead up to Kristallnacht.

  • Hitler has already been in power for five years in Germany. In 1938, Hitler is in full power and succeeds in creating a goverment with only Nazis in it.
  • March 12, 1938 The German army invades and conquers Austria. Now Austria and Germany are untied called Anschluss- "union". Jews that were found on the street before and after takeover of Austria were beaten by mobs. (Read, 26)
  • Polish comes out with new law. The amout of Jews in Germany grew after the polish released a new law against the Jews. On Mrach 31, 1938 polish goverment made law "revocation of citizenship". The law said that a person living abroad will be striped of their Polish citizenship if a person...

      (a) had acted dangering the Polish state

      (b) had lost all connections to Poland as a result of not returning to the country in the last five years

      (c) have not returned to Poland By a specific date after being summoned by the goverment office. (Pehele, 52)

  • April 26 GÓ§ring, an officer under Hitler, decreed that all jews, and Jewish buisnesses who own money that values more than 5,000 Reichmarks must registar so Germans have complete record of the Jewish wealth.
  • June 9th The main synogogue in Munich was burned down.
  • July 6 Jews not allowed to practice medicine or do buisness. 
  • August 10 the synogogue in Nuremberg was burned down.
  • September 27 Jewish laywers were not allowed to practice in Germany anymore.
  • Octomber 7 All Jewish passports, which in a previous decree all had to be stamped with a "J" showing they were Jewish,  became invalid and replaced with special identity cards.
  •  End of October thousands(between 8-15) of  Polish Jews were rounded up in Germany and deported to Zbonszyn, a town between Germany and Poland, no man's land.Read, 30)



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