Eng 110 Fall 07 Semester

Instr- Professor F. Lee


Composition Project #3

I will be using Marianne Hirsch's style of postmemory. Postmemory is a

memory one has of a specific event, but did not experience that event.


I will be focusing on a postmemory I have of how my grandmother and her

family left Germany when times got hard for the Jews at the beginning of

 what is now known as the Holocaust. Specifically focusing on Kristallnacht,

 also called the "Night of Broken Glass", which occurred on November 9-

10, 1938. On November 10th all the men in Hamburg, Germany, including my

great grandfather, were gathered up and transported to a concentration

camp near Berlin. After my grandfather was released, my family made the 

decision to leave the country. 


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                                                                                  Pre- Kristallnacht 1938


                                                                             The Pretext of Kristallnacht


                                                                      Kristallnacht November 9-10, 1938


                                                                         The Aftermath of Kristallnacht


                                                                               Emotions of Kristallnacht







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