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 Annotated bibliography:



1. Read, Anthony, and David Fisher. Kristallnacht: The Nazi Night Of Terror. New York: Times Books, 1989.


  •  This book goes into great depth describing what took place during and proceeding Kristallnacht. The book first discusses life in Germany and events that lead up to Kristallnacht. Then goes into great depth of events taking place during those terrifying 2 days in November 1938. The book gives people accounts of what happened after Kristallnacht. Many adult of children were taken to concentration camps, while ones who weren't tried to flee the country.



2. Thalmann, Rita, and Emmanuel Feinermann. Cristal Night: 9-10 November 1938. Trans. Gilles Cremonesi. New York City: Waldon Press, Inc, 1974.


  • The book crystal night examines the reasons that lead up to Kristallnacht and the effects that occurred during and after that fatal night.



3. Walter, Pehle H. November 1938: From "Kristallnacht" To Genocide. Trans. William Templer. Providence: Berg Publishers, Inc, 1991. 


  • This book has several chapters talking about Jews throughout the years surrounding the holocaust (WWII). There is a specific chapter that focuses on Kristallnacht. The chapter goes through events leading up to November 8 and gives details by the time they were occurring between 8th -10th of November.



4. Benjamin, Lee. Personal interview. 21 November 2007.


  • This is my great aunt, who experienced this event and helped me recall details of the family history. 




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1. Two Germans walking past a store whose windows were broken and the store was looted during the 

     previous night of Kristallnacht.

2. In Siegen, Germany synagogue set ablaze.

3. The day following Kristallnacht, Nov 10, 1938 the arrested jews were dragged through the local streets

     for the Germans to make fun of them before they were to be deported to concentration camps.

4. German soldiers took every opprotunity to humiliate Jews. In this photo a German soldier

     is having fun cutting an elderly mans beard in public.

5. The star of david, which Jews were forced to wear to make known there Jewish identity.

6. Germans enjoyed humiliating Jews and in this photo a Jew is forced to carry a sign that reads

     "I will not complain to the police again".

7. Jews were forced to clean the sidewalks in order to entertain Germans and humiliate the Jews.

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